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Buying a generic drug online is a trend that is currently getting popularity all over the world. At GenericMedMart.com, you are guaranteed access to a wide range of generic drugs that are essential in treating medical conditions in both men and women.

What makes online acquisition of products better is the convenience and reliability that it offers to customers. People can easily get a product regardless of whether it is found in their area of residence or not. This saves them time that they would otherwise spend in visiting medical centers or pharmacies that sell generic drugs.

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  • Why GenericMedMart.com

    GenericMedMart.com is an authentic online platform that takes care of people’s demands when it comes to purchasing the best Generic Medicine used in treating various medical conditions. When it comes to treating any kind of medical condition, it is necessary that you get the best medication that will guarantee maximum results. With this online Pharmacy, one is guaranteed quality drugs at a pocket-friendly price. All generic drugs that are used for men’s health, women’s health and pain relief are readily available on this online store at any particular time of the day. What makes this online store a force to reckon with is the close relationship we have with various manufacturing companies that produce drugs as per the medical requirements put in place by World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Through this interaction, customers are able to buy generic Viagra and other quality drugs from our online pharmacy.

  • About Generic Viagra Online

    Generic Viagra also known as Viagra Professional 100mg Series is a drug made using Sildenafil citrate as the main chemical compound. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved this drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Generic Viagra is manufactured as a pill that has a glass film coating, which is usually administered orally.

    This tablet bets works for patients suffering from an erectile dysfunction by giving them a prolonged erection that may last for close to eight hours. Unlike other drugs that offer short-term benefits, Generic Viagra guarantees maximum results making it one of the best drug for men’s health.

    Viagra professional 100mg series pills work as early as 40 minutes after administering the tablet. This is done the same way when taking Branded Viagra that requires you to use a glass of water when taking the drug. This should be before the expected sexual activity.

    Generic Viagra is readily available online but great caution should be taken when you buy Generic Viagra. Before buying Generic Viagra, you should talk with your doctor about the possible pros and cons of using this drug for treating an Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

  • Branded vs Generic Viagra

    Both the branded and Generic Viagra are widely used all over the world in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Furthermore, the Generic and Branded version of Viagra is manufactured using the same active chemical compound that is essential in treating an erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the brand name of this drug that was initially produced by Pfizer, a company that specializes in the manufacture of medicine. The Generic version, Sildenafil was later on produced by other companies after the expiry of Pfizer’s Patent right.

    Although these two drugs have the same active chemical compound, there are some unique differences that make them stand out from one another. They include:

    •  Price of the Drug

    Generic Viagra is much cheaper compared to the branded version of this drug. Since Pfizer Company is the main producer of this drug, they can decide to set the price of Branded Viagra to one that best suits their interest. Unlike Branded Viagra, companies who have to lower the price in order for them to easily compete with one another and survive in the market as there are different companies that manufacture Sildenafil.

    • Form and Appearance of the Pill

    The first manufacturers of Viagra, Pfizer, have a trademark sign that identifies their product from the rest of the drugs sold in the market. This trademark sign is blue diamond shape that is placed on all Pfizer Viagra pills. Companies that manufacture Generic Viagra are unable to use this trademark in their products.

    When it comes to the appearance of this two type of Viagra, Branded Viagra pills have a “VGR” and drug dose carefully inscribed on the tablet. As for the Generic Viagra, the tablets have “SL” followed by the dose that should be administered.

    • Name of the Drug

    Another difference witnessed in these two medications for an erectile dysfunction is the name used in selling them. The Branded version of Viagra is sold under the name “Viagra” while the Generic version is sold as “Sildenafil”.

    Advantages of Using Generic Viagra

    When you buy Generic Viagra, you are set to benefit from quite a number of advantages that will guarantee a full return on the money spent in acquiring the drug. Some of the pros that are associated with the use of Generic Viagra include:

    • Generic Viagra will guarantee you an extended period of sexual activity that can last up to 8 hours.
    • The main active ingredient found in Generic Viagra is quickly absorbed by the body into your blood thus displaying instant results
    • Generic Viagra can be used together with small quantities of alcohol unlike other drugs that cannot be used together with alcohol.
    • In men suffering from an Erectile Dysfunction, Generic Viagra guarantees a quicker reaction to sexual stimuli. This is accompanied by a very strong erection.
    • With the use of Generic Viagra, a person will only have to wait for a short period before engaging in another sexual act.

    Disadvantages of Using Generic Viagra

    There are a few disadvantages of using Generic Viagra as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. They include:

    • Addiction to the drug if it is being used by a person who is not suffering from an Erectile Dysfunction
    • Generic Viagra cannot be used by a person who has a Kidney disease since it may lead to severe health complications
    • People suffering from diabetes cannot use Generic Viagra for treating an Erectile Dysfunction. They have to opt for different drugs that are sold in the market.
    • Generic Viagra does not offer protection for Sexually transmitted diseases that can be acquired during sexual intercourse.
    • This medication will never improve the libido of a patient since it has been designed for taking care of erection problems.
    • Patients that are suffering from liver diseases cannot use Sildenafil, as it will result in side effects.
    • Generic Viagra is specifically manufactured for men that have an erection problem. Women and children cannot use this drug as it may lead to health complications.

    Even though there are some disadvantages of using Generic Viagra, it is still one of the best medication available. Buy Generic Viagra and get the advantage of treating an Erectile Dysfunction.

    Side Effects of Using Generic Viagra

    Being a PDE5 inhibitor (Phosphodiesterase) there are some side effects that may result from using Generic Viagra just like when taking any other medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. However, not all side effects will be experienced at a go while others will go away once the body adapts to this medication. Some of the side effects associated with the constant use of Generic Viagra include:

    • Headaches
    • Ringing in the ears of a patient
    • Having an upset stomach
    • Sometimes the face, chest or neck may become red
    • You may feel warmth in your neck, face or chest
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Pain in your stomach
    • Dizziness
    • Although rare some people may fail to differentiate between color red and blue
    • Pain in your back and muscles
    • Difficulty in falling asleep
    • A slight decrease or complete loss of your hearing capabilities

    Patients who have heart problems are advised to stop the use of this medication once they start experiencing these side effects. They should immediately seek medical attention especially if they experience nausea, fainting, dizziness and pain in their jaws or arms.

    In case of an allergic reaction to the drug, notify your doctor for a possible change in the medication. Signs of an allergic reaction may include Difficulty in breathing, itching and swelling of the face or tongue.

    Although there are other side effects associated with the use of Generic Viagra it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention when you experience any of these side effects especially if it keeps on reappearing. Failure to do this might result in severe health complications that may prove difficult to handle.

    When you get an erection that will last for more than four hours, you should quickly stop using this medication and visit your doctor. This is because the erection may end up destroying your penis by causing problems that cannot be reversed easily


  • Warnings and Precautions

    Before you buy and take Generic Viagra you should first talk with your doctor about any allergic reactions that you have or may have had before. This is because Sildenafil may contain some ingredients that might bring about allergic reactions when taken.

    You should also give your doctor a complete medical history before using Generic Viagra for treating an erectile dysfunction. This history will help the doctor know whether you have had any medical conditions that would not support the use of this medication.

    Patients that have cardiovascular medical conditions are at a great risk of developing cardiac complications when they constantly use Generic Viagra. Men that have this cardiac complication should therefore avoid taking this medication unless the doctor has prescribed it.

    Generic Viagra may sometimes make a patient dizzy or can even result in the loss of vision. You should therefore not operate machinery or drive a vehicle after taking this medication. If you are using alcohol or bhang, seek advice from your doctor before you can take Generic Viagra since this drug may also make you dizzy.

    Generic Viagra has mainly been manufactured for use by men. Women are therefore advised to avoid using this drug for any intended purpose as it may lead to some serious health complications. For pregnant women, Sildenafil can only be used if it is really needed. Talk with your doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of using generic Viagra when pregnant before you can buy this drug online. Generic Viagra can be passed into breast milk and its use should be placed under control as it may end up affecting the baby.

  • Where to Buy Generic Viagra

    You can buy generic Viagra from GenericMedMart.com, an online pharmacy store that specializes in the sale of generic drugs. All drugs, available at this online store are sourced directly from the manufacturers thus guaranteeing the best quality.

    You can buy cheap Generic Viagra from this online pharmacy thus saving you money that would otherwise be used in getting the same product at a higher price. Furthermore, you will get a chance of receiving the product directly at your doorstep since there are shipping services that are offered by this online store. GenericMedMart.com is operational 24 hours a day hence you can make an order at any particular time that you term appropriate.