Understanding Hematospermia

Most men will feel disturbed at the prospect of seeing blood in their semen. This men’s health problem commonly known as Hematospermia is a disorder that men will dread having. With Hematospermia, your sexual life becomes very distressful. This is especially the case when you have to deal with...

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Avoiding Balanitis

  Balanitis is one of the health complications that is currently affecting many men all over the world. This complication can make a patient very uncomfortable since it affects one of the most sensitive body parts. Balanitis is simply an inflammation of a manhood’s head or any foreskin that...

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Xylocaine: The Best Way to Curb Skin Infections

Xylocaine commonly known as Lidocaine is one of the prescription medications that you will see in a pharmacy. This drug is very important especially when it comes to containing soreness and irritation of the skin. These symptoms are mainly linked with health conditions that affect the epidermis. Most conditions...

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