Cancer is a regular occurrence in many people all over the world. This health condition has become so common to the extent that people no longer fear talking about cancer. There are different types of cancer that may affect a person. However, when it comes to men’s health then the most notable type of cancer if Testicular Cancer. This type of cancer is now affecting many young men under their noses until it starts showing symptoms. Testicular Cancer comes about when unusual cells start growing in one or both of the testicles. Most of these cells will grow uncontrollably until when they take control of a patient’s testicles.

Testicular Cancer will mostly start during puberty when a boy is changing into manhood. Most patients will not realize that they are suffering from Testicular Cancer until when the doctor performs a diagnosis. Some of the risk factors that may increase the chances of developing Testicular Cancer include:

  • A family history of testicular cancer
  • Testicles that are undescended. These testicles fail to move from the abdomen before birth.
  • An abnormal growth of the testicles
  • Personal history of Testicular Cancer

Men who have Testicular Cancer will not share this information with their family members or friends. This is because they fear the reaction that will come from other people since it is not just like any other health condition. Furthermore, the symptoms that come with having Testicular Cancer may be very weird hence the urge to suffer in silence. Some of the symptoms that a person with Testicular Cancer will experience include:

  • Pain in the back area
  • A painless swelling in the testicle
  • Pain in the scrotum of testicle
  • Swelling of the scrotum

Most of these symptoms will lower down the confidence levels of a patient. It is for this reason that most men with Testicular Cancer tend to avoid relationships for fear of losing their sexual partner.

The good news is that doctors can treat Testicular Cancer especially if they detect it during the early stages. Most doctors will recommend performing a surgery that will remove the testicle that has Testicular Cancer. A surgery on the testicle will definitely get rid of the cancer since most men can still survive with one testicle. After Surgery, the patient will have to undergo Chemotherapy to destroy any cancer cell that may still be present. With Chemotherapy, a patient will continue with their normal life without facing any other complication. Any patient who does not like their new appearance after undergoing surgery can ask the doctor to implant a Prosthetic testicle in their scrotum. Although this is quite expensive, it is still better off than having to live without any testicle.

Testicular Cancer patients need the support of family members and friends if they are to survive the trauma that comes with this condition. Subjecting patients to insults and ridicule will only increase their stress levels instead of solving them.