Men tend to experience quite a number of health complications when you compare them to women. Most of these health complications may hinder the normal activities of a patient especially if there is no treatment. Having to live with these complications can lead to an increase in stress levels while at the same time isolating some patients. This mostly happens when a patient can no longer raise the finances that they need to buy different medications. One of the most notable complications that tend to affect the health of many men is bladder stones.

Bladder Stones is a health complication that comes about when minerals in urine Crystallize in the same way as Kidney Stones. However, Bladder Stones are different to Kidney Stones since patients will not experience a lot of pain when passing the stone. This health complication will mostly affect old men or those who have Prostate Cancer. Children are also at a greater risk of developing Bladder Stones when the correct measures are not put in place.

Having Bladder Stones can sometimes be very tormenting especially if the condition is severe. Many men who have Bladder Stones fear telling their partner as they think that it has a close relationship with sexually transmitted Infections (STD). What they do not know is that concealing this information will only make the complication worse. Men who are suffering from Bladder Stones tend to experience symptoms like:

  • Feeling pain in the lower abdomen
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Pain in the genitals
  • Difficulties in passing out urine

In severe cases of Bladder Stone, patients will end up developing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and Chronic Bladder Dysfunction. Most of these infections will come about once the patient fails to look for treatment as early as possible.

Many men who have Bladder Stones do not actually understand the reason behind this health complication. What they do not know is that the type of food can be the main reason behind Bladder Stones. Men who tend to eat diets that are rich in sugar and fats are at a higher risk of developing Bladder Stones. Men can also develop Bladder Stones if they have conditions such as Nerve damage or Prostate Gland Enlargement.

The good news is that doctors can easily treat Bladder Stones especially when the bladder is still in shape.  To make this a success, the doctor will first have to conduct some tests that will determine the level of Bladder Stones. If the condition is not severe enough, then you will have to rely on natural treatment methods. This may include drinking a lot of fluids which will help in passing the Bladder Stones quickly. If the condition is severe enough, the patient will have to undergo a surgery that will completely remove Bladder Stones. It is therefore advisable that you visit a doctor on a regular basis in order to avoid the stress that comes with having health complications.