Balanitis is one of the health complications that is currently affecting many men all over the world. This complication can make a patient very uncomfortable since it affects one of the most sensitive body parts. Balanitis is simply an inflammation of a manhood’s head or any foreskin that is surrounding the head of a penis. There is no age limit for patients with Balanitis since it tends to affect every man regardless of their age. However, it mostly occurs in men who still have the foreskin of their manhood. It can also affect men who are overweight and those that suffer from diabetes. The good news is that you can easily treat or prevent Balanitis so long as the necessary precautions are in place.

Balanitis will mostly occur when a man does not observe cleanliness of the genital areas. This is mainly the case with men who do not wash their manhood using clean water and soap.  A man can also get Balanitis as a result of having other health complications like morbid obesity, congestive heart failure and Nephritis. It is still advisable that you consult your doctor regardless of how you may get Balanitis. This is simply because it will display the same symptoms whether you get it from poor hygiene or bacterial infections.

Detecting Balanitis can sometimes be very difficult unless you decide to seek the help of a doctor. Most doctors will diagnose Balanitis by carrying out a number of tests on a patient’s body. These tests may include:

  • Lab tests that determine whether you have any discharge
  • Serum Glucose tests
  • Tests to determine the presence of any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  • A urine test to check if diabetes is the real cause behind this complication

Treatment of Balanitis will commence immediately a doctor identifies the real cause of the problem. The treatment method that a doctor will use depends on the type of Balanitis that is affecting a patient.  Most medications for treating Balanitis are in the form of a cream that you apply in the affected area. Your doctor may prescribe:

  • Taking antibiotics that will treat bacterial Balanitis.
  • Using an antifungal cream if the Balanitis came about because of having Candida yeast
  • Taking Steroid creams to treat Balanitis caused by a skin disease.

Most of these creams will only work if you decide to follow your doctor’s prescription. Failure to this, you will have to live with the symptoms that come with Balanitis. These symptoms include:

  • Swollen glands close to the manhood
  • Painful urination
  • Inflammation of the glands
  • Sores on the glands
  • Pain in the genitals

Men should not worry about having Balanitis since you can easily treat it. To make this a success you will have to observe general body cleanliness especially the genital areas. This can be done by taking a shower every day using clean water and soap. By doing so, you will end up forgetting the stress that comes with having Balanitis.