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Allergic reaction symptoms might sometimes be very irritating especially if you are a person who is having a tight schedule. To pass this hurdle, it is recommended that you buy the best medication which will easily treat the health conditions being experienced. It is for this reason that Generic Singulair was manufactured as it is a drug that is used in treating allergic reaction.

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About Generic Singulair

Apart from allergic reactions, Generic Singulair also known as Montelukast can also be used in treating symptoms of Asthma attacks such as difficulty in breathing and wheezing.  Furthermore, this medication can be relied upon when it comes to reducing the rate at which asthma attacks are experienced by a patient suffering from asthma. In people who are having symptoms of allergic rhinitis, hay fever and any other allergic reactions, Generic Singulair can be used in reducing the effects of this conditions on your body.

Generic Singulair has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating any asthma related symptom. Although several versions of Generic Singulair have been approved by the FDA, the branded version is still being used by many patients. Anyone can buy Generic Singulair online since it is the cheapest method that you can ever rely on. Furthermore, online stores get their products directly from the manufacturer meaning every customer will get a product which has a very high quality.

How Generic Singulair Works

When you take Generic Singulair, its mechanism of actions begins immediately it reaches your stomach. This drug works by preventing Leukotrienes (A natural substance produced by the body) that plays a role in causing or increasing the symptoms of allergic reaction and asthma.

Your body is set in such a way that it produces a counter reaction when a new substance affects its normal function.  In a scenario where a person takes in allergic reaction substances such as pollen grains, your body immediately responds by producing Leukotrienes. This natural substance then acts by initiating the swelling of your lungs and tightening any muscles situated along your airways. This in turn causes an allergic reaction since it becomes difficult for you to take in air.

 Generic Singulair works in the same way as Zafirlukast as they both act by preventing natural Leukotrienes from combining with cells of the body which are responsible for causing inflammation. Knowing the action mechanism of Generic Singulair is very important since it will help in determining whether it is the right drug that should be administered when you are faced with an allergic reaction. 

Generic Singulair Dosage 

Before you buy Generic Singulair online, it is highly recommended that you talk with your doctor who will offer you a prescription which is to be strictly followed. There is no online pharmacy that will sell this drug to your unless you have a licensed doctor’s prescription. It is also important to strictly follow your doctor’s prescription if you wish to get the best out of this drug.

The dosage of Generic Singulair is given depending on the type of allergic reaction symptoms that you wish to curb. For people who rely on Generic Singulair when it comes to treating allergic reaction and asthma, it is recommended that you take 10mg of this drug in a single day. If you are using Generic Singulair for preventing bronchospasm caused by exercises, it is advised that you take 10 mg of this drug 2 hours before being involved in an exercise. Children have a 4 mg and 5mg pill that is specifically designed to treat their allergic reactions.

In case of an overdose, you are required to visit the nearest medical center before the effects may reach adverse levels and cause harm to your body. Some people are known to forget things easily and one may end up missing a dose of Generic Singulair. Anyone who misses a dose is advised to take the tablet as soon as they remember. However, one should not take the missed dose if it is close to the next dosage since it will lead to an overdose of the drug. 

Side Effects of Generic Singulair

Many people who are using Generic Singulair rarely experience side effects. However, there are some common side effects that may constantly appear in patients who are under this medication. These side effects will go away on their own once the body adapts to new changes brought about by this drug. Some of the common side effects of Generic Singulair include:

  • Headache
  • Pain in the stomach region
  • Dizziness
  • Sore throat
  • Shivering
  • Hay fever
  • Mild rash
  • Ear infection

Other side effects that may also be experienced by patients using Generic Singulair include:

  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Tremor
  • Being restless

Some people may also get allergic reactions as a result of the inactive ingredients used in manufacturing Generic Singulair. In this case, they will still get allergic reaction symptoms such as swelling of the mouth, lips or tongue and rashes. If you experience an allergic reaction to this drug, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of your doctor within the shortest time possible.

Warnings and Precautions

The effect of Generic Singulair in pregnancy has not been clearly discovered. However, it is recommended that you talk with your doctor before using this tablets when pregnant. This is because it may end up harming the unborn baby if taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Generic Singulair does not interact with some medications and patients are supposed to give a doctor the full list of drugs that they are currently taking. This will help in determining whether the drugs can be used together in treating the different medical conditions.

Before taking Generic Singulair, you should tell your doctor about any allergic reactions that you are having or may have had in the past. This is because inactive ingredients contained in Generic Singulair may end up causing an allergic reaction to an individual under this medication.

There is no evidence showing whether Generic Singulair can pass into breast milk hence lactating mothers should talk with their doctor before using this drug.

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