Glimepiride is a prescription drug that is mainly used by patients who want to control their blood sugar levels. This medication is mainly used together with a given diet and exercises for one to effectively treat type 2 diabetes. At some point during the treatment, a doctor may recommend using Glicomperide together with insulin or any other medication that is used by diabetic patients.

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About Glimepiride

By controlling the blood sugar levels, it becomes easy to control other medical conditions such as loss of limbs, nerve issues, kidney problems, and heart attack. Glimepiride is in a class of drugs commonly referred to as Sulfonylureas which are specifically designed to lower the blood sugar levels in your body.

Glimepiride is also available under the brand-name Amaryl. The branded version is, however, more expensive than generic Glimepiride considering the fact that it is only manufactured by one pharmaceutical company. The Food and Drug Administration approved Glimepiride for the purpose of reducing blood sugar levels especially in patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. It is for this reason that you can easily buy Glimepiride online without having to worry about getting a product that is of low quality. Furthermore, online stores will give you the correct prescription that must be followed when administering the drug.

Action Mechanism of Glimepiride (Amaryl)

Glimepiride is in a class of drugs known as Sulfonylureas. These drugs work in the same way and are therefore used in treating the same health conditions. The color of Glimepiride tablet ranges from white, yellowish-white, crystalline, odorless to nearly odorless powdered while at the same time being insoluble in water. Your body needs enough amounts of insulin produced by the pancreas in order for it to effectively control the levels of sugar. People suffering from type 2 diabetes have a low level of insulin in their body. Once the insulin levels drop below the norm, the cells found in your body also stop reacting to the insulin that is being produced.

After you take Glimepiride, the level of insulin produced by your body will be increased as soon as you have had your meal. With an increase in the amount of insulin produced, it becomes easier for the body to handle the high levels of blood sugar.  This is due to the fact that body cells will get energy from the glucose (Insulin) and use it in reducing blood sugar levels.

Glimepiride (Amaryl) Dosage

Before you buy Glimepiride online, it is recommended that you talk with your doctor who will, in turn, give you a prescription of how the drug should be administered. Anyone who wishes to get the best results out of a medication (Glimepiride included) should strictly follow the doctors’ prescription.

The normal dose of Glimepiride is usually 1-2 mg once in a day. The dose is given depending on the level of blood sugar in your body. However, it is not advisable for anyone to start with large doses as it may lead to health issues. You can increase the dosage slowly within a couple of weeks before finally reaching the full dose which is 8 mg in a day. Glimepiride should be taken in the morning when you are having breakfast or the first meal.

An overdose of Glimepiride can have fatal effects on your health as it may to the formation of Hypoglycemia. This life-threatening condition is usually identified through symptoms such as sweating, tremor and feeling weak.

Sometimes you may forget to take Glimepiride as advised by your doctor. In this case, you should take Glimepiride tablets as soon as you remember so that it can effectively serve the intended purpose. However, you are not allowed to take the missed dose if it is close to the next dosage as it will result in an overdose.

Side Effects of Glimepiride 

Common Side Effects of Glimepiride (Amaryl)

The most common side effects associated with the use of Glimepiride include:

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • An abrupt increase in weight.
  • Low blood sugar levels (Hypoglycemia). This side effect is usually detected through symptoms like sweating, shaking, irritability, fatigue, intense hunger and headache.

Most of the common side effects eventually go away after 2-3 days or as soon as the body adapts to the new changes brought about by the medication.

Serious Side Effects  

Some of the serious side effects linked to the use of Glimepiride include:

  • Liver damage detected by nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach and passing urine which is dark in color.
  • Low sodium levels (Hypernatremia) signaled by vomiting, nausea, headache, coma, seizures, and loss of energy.
  • Reduced number of blood cells such as platelets. This will eventually lead to bleeding that does not stop easily.
  • Allergic reactions may also be experienced by a person taking Glimepiride. Some of the allergic reactions caused by this medication include Angioedema, Anaphylaxis and Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome.

It is recommended that you call your doctor immediately you start experiencing any of these serious side effects. If this is not done within the shortest time possible, it can lead to adverse effects such as death. 

Warnings and Precautions

Glimepiride is in the same of drugs known as sulfonamides (Sulfa Drugs). If you have any allergic reactions to sulfa drugs, there is a high possibility that you may also be allergic to Glimepiride. Before you buy Glimepiride online, tell your doctor about any allergic reaction that you may be having. You should take Glimepiride once you have an allergic reaction after taking it as it will lead to adverse side effects.

Taking alcohol while under Glimepiride prescription may end up affecting the level of blood sugar in your body. Alcohol has been known to either increase or decreases blood sugar level.

Before you buy Glimepiride online, give your doctor a full medical history especially if you have been suffering from kidney diseases, liver diseases or G6PD deficiency. This is because a patient may be more sensitive to Glimepiride when having any of the mentioned medical conditions.



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