Drinking and smoking are considered by so many young teens so as to feel cool or to match the latest trend which makes them look attractive and desired by those people who are around them. Intake of such substance are so high that even companies earn lots of money only selling alcohol and cigarettes. Drinking and smoking are so popular in teen age that people even never try to heed the warning signs. Many of these peoples even avoid the facts surrounding them. In recent studies they have said that excessive intake of alcohol or smoking can diminishes the sexual appetite of both women and men. If the other things are not really important for them but this may quiet important which will make them to give up their habit of smoking and drinking.

Smoking and Libido:
Their are many advertisements on smoking featuring a man along with a gorgeous women. And this kind of advertisement delivers a very strong message of getting attention of women while smoking. Also shows a picture of women adoring the man with cigarette. This type of ad or else you can say such image are really misleading.

Some of the women turned off by chain smokers:
Some women prefer their partner should be clean and always smell good. But smoking leaves smell, thus women are more likely to give up with their men. Smoking also causes some yellow strain in your teeth which can be annoying and the another reason to turn off women.

Apart from smell and yellowish teeth, smoking also lowers sexual appetite, specially in younger ones. In some couples, the time of sex differs from those couples who do not have smoking partner.

The rate of satisfaction in couples who have at least 1 smoking partner is so much less that that of the non smoking couples.

Some people who are smoking for longer time can have erectile dysfunction. Smoking damages the penis arteries and thus makes difficult to get proper erection at time of sex. Loss of libido can be from many different things, but you can say smoking is the primary reason.

Drinking alcohol and Libido:
Even a small dose of alcohol can do lots of things. Also, alcohol plays and important role in damaging the sexual performance in men. Alcohol dependence helps to reduces sensitivity during sex for both men and women. Alcohol distorts the process of the flow of blood going to penis and at the same time affects the erection. Women also with too much alcohol decreases their desire and also increases their need for outside lubrication. In both condition sexual satisfaction suffers a lot.

Sometimes, alcohol makes a way to develop impotence in men. In such case penis is not capable of providing satisfaction. Thus it disturbs the sexual life. So better stay away from such thing to live a better life.

Stay away from alcohol and smoking and make your life healthier and enjoy highly satisfying sex life with your partners.