The problem is not just the Sinus, actually they are the hollow space within the bones between your eyes, in your forehead and behind your cheekbones. This makes mucus and always keep the inside portion of your nose moist.

What are the leading suspect?
If the tissue inside your nose are swollen due to allergies, cold or something else in the environment, then it can block the sinus passages. You may feel pain as your sinuses can’t drain. Sinuses also change your tone of your voice. Total there are 8 sinuses cavities. This all is paired with one of each in left and right side of the face. The sinus cavities are as follows:

  • Two are behind each cheekbone.
  • Two sinus cavities are in your forehead.
  • Two sinus cavities between your eyes and within the bones
  • Two are behind each eye.

What are the common Sinus Problems?

Sinus has a narrow spot, which are known as transition space or ostium. This is an opening which are responsible for drainage. If blockage occurs in transition on any sinuses, mucus helps to back up.

Nasal Septum:
Nasal Septum is thin wall of cartilage and bone inside your nasal activity which helps to separate your two nasal passages. Actually this occurs in the center of your nose seperating the 2 sides equally. But in many individual from genetic or from injury, it off to one side or deviated. This makes one nasal passage smaller than that of other. The deviated Nasal Septum is one of the reason in which people suffering sinuses problems. This also causes snoring.

Narrow Sinuses:
Some of individual shows variation in their anatomy. This creates longer narrow path for transition spaces to drain.

Sinus Sensitivity:
An individual may be sensitive to various things in the environment and some foods you eat. This all can cause reaction which leads to swelling in the nose. At such condition your doctor may prescribed some medication to control your symptoms of sinus. If individual is suffering continues sinus problem and allergies than they should avoid tobacco, smoking and many more such habits.

Protect Your Sinus:
Follow the given tips to reduce inflammation and to prevent problem of sinuses,

  • Always apply a warm and moist washcloth to your face several times in a day as it help to open the transition spaces.
  • Always wash your running nose with a salt water solution to avoid symptoms.
  • Get a humidifier to moisten the air that you breathe and help open sinuses.
  • Always drink plenty of fluids or liquids to thin the mucus.
  • Always use a nasal spray for a several times per day.
  • Inhale steam for at least 2 to 4 times per day. Or else sit in the bathroom with the running hot shower.

Sinus due to Allergies:
Following are the tip if your sinus problems are because of allergies,

  • Always avoid your allergy triggers.
  • Use decongestants and antihistamines whenever needed.
  • Consult your doctor or take advice if you need prescription medicines or and kind of allergy Shots.
  • If your sinus problem still continues than you can ask your doctor about pros and cons of surgery to drain and clean the sinuses.