Shut down windows:
Always Keep your windows open if it a gorgeous day outside. But sometime the pollen count is high so better to shut down your window and protect your indoor air. Also, individual can install Hepa filter just above your air conditioner or else a flat panel on your furnace to protect air.

Alternative Treatment:
Sometimes you can use alternate treatment to defeat allergies. Butterbur is one of the most prominent active agent and also use as an antihistamine medicine to defeat various allergies. Some studies also states that plant bases Phleum pratense and pycnogenol may also be helpful in such conditions.

Keep your self clean:
Each time when you come home back from outside there are chances of bringing tiny dust particles from outside. Your clothes, hairs, skin, shoes must be covered with tiny particles. So you should immediately take shower as soon as you come from outside and change your clothes to wash away the allergens. This prevents you from allergies.

Always wear a mask:
One should always wear a mask if he has the problem of allergies. This will protect you from allergen. In most drug store or medical store an N95 respirator mask is available so use it for your better healthy life. This mask will block 95% of tiny particles like allergens, pollens and many more.

Always Eat healthy:
One of the study says that children who intake lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, like apple, grapes, tomatoes, oranges and many more are likely to have fewer allergy symptoms. Still, researches are finding to figure out such things. But still healthy diet is good for your body. One should at least add 1 fresh fruit and veggie to their everyday meal.

Drink more Liquid:
If you are feeling stuffy or having any allergic reaction like nasal drip than intake more water, juice or any kind of non-alcoholic drinks. The excess of liquid can help to thin the mucus in your nasal passage and help to give relief. You can also have warm liquids like soup, teas or any other.

Natural things to carry out:
Always keep your house clean, this is one of the best way to keep away allergens out of your home. Still, chemicals can irritate your nasal passage and aggravate some symptoms. So always do natural cleaning with the use of everyday ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. To trap allergens always use vacuum cleaner which has Hepa filter. If you have severe allergy than better tell someone to do this clean up.

Use steam for your stuffy nose:
To recover from stuffy nose inhale some steam. This trick can ease your nose and also help you to breathe easy. Just you have to hold your head over a warm water and place a towel on your head as it becomes easier to trap the steam. Also, you can sit in a bathroom with a running hot shower.

Avoid smoking:
Smoking can worsen your stuffy and runny nose. Moreover, choose smoke free restaurant, hotels and night clubs to avoid such symptoms. Also, avoid aerosol sprays and smokes coming from burning wood as they can worsen your allergies.

Few studies shows that acupuncture affects nasal allergies. This type of practice brings some relief to nasal activity.

There are some more home remedies that you can carry out. Those remedies are as follows:

  • Do not collect too many indoor plants at your home as Soil encourages mold growth.
  • Always store firewood outside your house.
  • Always try to Keep the humidity in your home below 50% as it help to prevent mold growth.
  • Remove laundry from the washing machine as soon as the work is done. Never leave wet clothes in the washer, as molds occurs quickly on that surface.
  • Use plastic cover for your mattresses and pillows.
  • Never allow any 1 to smoke at your home if you allergic to smoking.
  • Vacuum your home once or at least twice a week.
  • Install an exhaust fan in your kitchen to remove cooking fumes away.