We are currently living in a world where people tend to suffer from different Health complications. Most of these health conditions occur because of change in lifestyle or environmental changes. However, most people will not realize that they are suffering from a given health complication until they consult a doctor. This is especially the case in people who are suffering from genetic disorders. One of these genetic disorders is Klinefelter syndrome, a health condition that only affects men.

Klinefelter Syndrome is a genetic disorder that will affect men who have an additional X chromosome. A normal man should be having 46 chromosomes that contain an arrangement of 46 XY. This is quite different in men who have Klinefelter Syndrome as their chromosomes display an arrangement of 47XXY. You will rarely hear about men who are suffering from Klinefelter Syndrome since it does not just affect any person. However, the few who have Klinefelter Syndrome will tell you more about how it makes a person lose their sense of belonging.

With Klinefelter Syndrome, you tend to have low levels of sperm or simply fail to produce it. This is mainly because patients with Klinefelter Syndrome have low levels of Testosterone a hormone that plays a very important role in manufacturing semen. Having low levels of Testosterone can be very tormenting since you may end up having male organs that are not fully-grown. Most people who have Klinefelter Syndrome will avoid getting into relationships for fear of letting their partner down.

Men who have Klinefelter Syndrome tend to show different symptoms depending on how severe it gets. Regardless of how severe it is, you may experience symptoms like:

  • Developing small testicles
  • Breast tissue enlargement commonly known as Gynaecomastia
  • Poor development of the muscles
  • Longer arm and legs when you compare them to the rest of your body
  • Lack of underarm and pubic hair

Detecting whether you have Klinefelter Syndrome can sometimes be very difficult unless you decide to visit a doctor. The doctor will then carry out a blood test that will help in analyzing a patient’s chromosome. You may also have to undergo further blood tests that will help in examining the level of Testosterone in your body.  If a blood test does not show anything, then you will have to undergo a semen test that will show the level of sperms in a patient’s testicles.

The bad news is that Klinefelter Syndrome is not curable regardless of whether the doctor will diagnose it or not. However, there are treatments methods that will help in reducing the symptoms that come with having Klinefelter Syndrome. One of these treatment methods is Hormone Therapy. With Hormone Therapy, a doctor is able to increase the levels of Testosterone in a patient’s body. The doctor must first start with low doses of Testosterone before increasing it with time if this method is to work.

Patients with Klinefelter Syndrome can still be able to get children if the correct treatment method is in place. It is for this reason that we should offer counselling and encouragement to any person who has Klinefelter Syndrome. This will make them feel accepted in the society.