Depression can have slight impact on your sexual relationship. Depression hamper our ability to feel emotionally secure and also robs the enjoyment of sexual connection with our partner. Here are some of the most common problems that are caused by depression,

Lack of pressure:
Mostly depressed peoples don’t find any pleasure in thing they do including sexual relationship. Even previously they enjoyed, but on the time of depression they failed to do so.

Increased Emotional Sensitivity:
Whenever things go wrong in sexual relationship of depressed peoples they may misinterpret temporary changes or also sometimes may avoid sex further.

Low Energy:
Fatigue is one of the major symptoms robs individual in sexual energy. Depression may always result in too little or too much sleep and thus even the great deal of rest do not revive the vitality. Most desire compromised by tiredness and sexual functioning can be decline.

Difficulty with bonding:
Peoples who are living with depression always struggle to feel worth of love. Due to this their partners feel frustrated. If you are really under depression, then follow the given step to improve your lifestyle.

Consider a Medication change:
The mediation which is mostly prescribed to alleviate depression is a class of drug that impacted sex. Selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), this drug is used by both genders as it help to reduce the sexual desire and inhibit orgasm. In men, SSRIs also help in their erections. Never take this medication without doctors supervision. If you take SSRIs and this is affecting your sex life, then consult a psychiatrist.

Works on depression:
To heal and understand the root of your depression just work with a psychotherapist. Do some type of psychological work as it will help to stabilize the mood and also can help to get off medication. This therapy helps the individual perform secure attachment in their relationship.

Visit Sex Consultant or Therapist with your partner:
Visit a sex therapy agent with your partner, this may help to alleviate misunderstanding about your sexual process. This will also help to increase the level of confidence. Mostly the sex consultant or therapist help couples resolve their power struggle between them. This type of resolution increases the security level in them and eliminates the source of depression in them.