Weight loss is referred as the reduction of total body mass. This is mainly due to loss of fluid body fat, adipose tissue or lean mass, tendon, muscle, and many other connective tissue. Weight loss usually occurs because of malnourishment or from an underlying disease.

Weight Loss are differentiated as Intentional weight loss and Unintentional Weight Loss.

Intentional weight loss:
Intentional weight loss is the loss of your total body mass when you try your efforts to improve your fitness and health through appearing yourself slim. Weight in obese and over weight people can help them to reduce health risk, increase their fitness and also helps to delay the onset of diabetes. Weight loss helps to reduce pain and helps to increase movement in individual withosteoarthritis of the knee. Also, hypertension can be reduced through weight loss.

Unintentional Weight Loss:
Unintentional Weight Loss can result from loss of body fats, muscle atrophy, loss of body fluids or sometime even combination of above. This type of Weight Loss mainly occurs due to inadequate nutritious relative, which is known as malnutrition. Unintentional Weight Loss can also take place due to changes in metabolism, hormonal changes, due to disease, medication or also some other treatment may result such type of Weight Loss. Individual having poor nutrient utilization can lead to severe weight loss.

Weight Loss reduced the quality of life. Malnutrition in such case can affect the function of human body which includes;

Respiratory muscles
Immune response
Wound healing
muscle strength
Renal capacity and depletion leading to water and electrolyte disturbances

What are the Health effects beacuse of Obesity?
Obesity can effects various health related problems which are as follows:

High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Disease
Liver Diseases and many more related to health.

So it is necessary to reduce the obesity to control such type of diseases.

How to manage Obesity?
Obesity can be managed by surgery, medication or by changing your lifestyle. The main thing to reduce your obesity is by proper dieting and physical exercise. By managing your diet program the weight loss can be reduced to a short period. But maintaining this diet program is quite difficult as it requires low calorie diet and also proper exercise. To mange obesity the following thing should be carried out by an individual;

Proper Dieting
Regular Exercise
weight Loss Programs
Surgery and many more.

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