It is the dream of men who have an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to achieve a normal penile erection. However, this is quite the opposite in men who are suffering from Priapism, a male sexual problem. These men will dread the feeling of getting a penile erection. Priapism is an erection that lasts for more than four hours and is usually very painful in most patients. With priapism, you do not have to be sexually aroused before getting a penile erection since it occurs naturally. This men’s health sexual problem can be very disturbing especially when it happens while doing your daily activities. Any man who has experienced priapism will tell you more about the embarrassment that it brings while working or walking.

Priapism can affect any man regardless of their age or race. The only difference is the type of priapism that you are suffering from at one point in life. There are three types of Priapism. They include:

  • Ischemic or Low Flow Priapism

This is the most common type of priapism that a man can suffer from. With this type of priapism, blood ends up trapped in the erection chambers thus making it difficult for it to leave the manhood.  Ischemic Priapism has no clear cause but you may link it to malaria, leukemia or Sickle Cell Anemia. This painful male sexual disorder can lead to permanent damage of the penis if you do not seek treatment within the shortest time possible.

  • Non-Ischemic or High Flow Priapism 

Non-Ischemic priapism is very rare although there are some men who currently have to deal with this men’s sexual disorder. With Non-Ischemic priapism, the manhood has a high flow of blood thus causing the erection. The good news is that High Flow priapism is less painful when you compare it to Ischemic Priapism.

  • Stuttering Priapism

Although less common, stuttering priapism can make you uncomfortable if it happens to affect you. Stuttering priapism is very different from the other types as it occurs within intervals.

Priapism is mainly common in people who are suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia. However, you can also develop Priapism if you use or misuse some prescription medications that are available in different pharmacies. Most of these drugs are relied upon when it comes to treating mental illness or any other health condition. Priapism can also develop when you happen to injure the spinal cord or when a black widow spider bites you.

The good thing is that you can easily treat Priapism after undergoing a blood test to determine the real reason behind this disorder. Once the doctor identifies the problem, you will get some prescription medications to handle Priapism. However, you should strictly follow your doctor’s advice to the letter lest you want to live with a prolonged erection. You should therefore not avoid relationships if you happen to develop priapism. This is because you can handle priapism easily once you start taking the correct medications as advised by your doctor.