Prostate Cancer is a type of cancer that takes place in the prostate. Prostate Cancer affects prostate gland, the gland that produces fluid in semen and plays an important role in urine control in men. The fluid produced also nourishes and transport sperms. Nowadays Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in US. This type of caner is treatable if found in early stage. Prostate Cancer mostly grows slowly, and they do not cause any serious harm. While prostate cancer grows slowly, and they need minimal or sometime even no treatment. But other types of cancer may be aggressive and also can spread quickly. Prostate cancer detected in early stage has a better chance of successful treatment.

What are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer?
In early stage Prostate Cancer may causes no symptoms or signs. Following are the symptoms of  Prostate Cancer

  • Blood in the urine
  • Frequent urges to urinate, including at night
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection may be difficult
  • Difficulty commencing and maintaining urination
  • Painful urination and, less commonly, ejaculation

Symptoms in advanced prostate cancer involves:

  • bone fractures
  • bone pain in the spine, pelvis, femur

Sometimes cancer spread to spine, then the symptoms may be:

  • leg weakness
  • urinary incontinence
  • fecal incontinence

Consult your doctor or expert if you notice any symptoms that may worry you.

Causes of Prostate Cancer:
Doctors have made the confirmation that prostate cancer begins when some cells in the prostate gland becomes abnormal. Mutations in abnormal cells cause the cells to grow and also divide rapidly than that of normal cells do. The abnormal cells continue living and at the same time the others cells dies. The abnormal cell accumulated forms tumor that grows to invade tissue. Sometimes some abnormal cells can break down or even spread to other parts of body.

Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer:
Factors that increase the risk of prostate cancer are as follows:

As your age increases the risk of prostate cancer increases.

Black man has greater risk of prostate cancer than that in white man. In black men prostate cancer can be more aggressive and even advanced.

Obese man with prostate cancer may likely to have advanced disease that becomes more difficult to treat.

Family Background:
If anyone in your family has prostate cancer than your risk may be increased.

How to prevent Prostate Cancer?
Individual can reduce the risk of prostate cancer if he follows the given things:

Choose healthy diet:
Always choose a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables. Avoid high fat foods instead have various fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Vegetables and fruits contain nutrients and vitamins which help to improve your health.

Exercise will help to improve your overall health. Moreover, it helps to maintain your weight and also mood. Men who never exercises have high PSA level and at the same time men who do exercise regularly may have lower risk of prostate cancer.

Maintain a Health weight:
If your weight is healthier than just work to maintain it by doing some exercise. If you want to lose weight than do more exercise and reduce the calories you eat in your day to day plan. You can consult your doctor for proper diet chart.

Treatment for Prostate Cancer:
Treatment can be different for the early and advanced prostate cancer.

Early stage of Prostate Cancer:
If the cancer is smaller than it can be easily managed or treated by some of the following treatment.

PSA blood level should be checked regularly checked. The risk of side effect outweigh the need for treatment for this slow developing cancer.

In this therapy Radioactive seeds are implanted into the prostate to deliver radiation treatment.

Conformal radiation therapy:
Radiation beams are shaped in such way that the region where they overlap are in same shape as the organ or region that requires treatment. This help to minimize healthy tissue exposure to radiation.

Advanced Prostate Cancer:
Advanced Prostate cancer may be more aggressive and can spread throughout the body.

Following are the treatment;

Mostly experts recommend Chemotherapy as it help to kill cancer cell around the body.

Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT):
This type of therapy is a hormone treatment that helps to reduce the effect of androgen. Androgens are the male hormones that stimulate growth of cancer. This therapy slows down and also sometimes stops the growth of cancer by reducing androgen level.