It might sometimes be very difficult to get a refund when dealing with some online stores but at, we have a well explained refund policy put in place. If by any chance the package is misplaced or received while in poor condition, our simple refund policy will easily handle the complex process of getting a refund.

All refunds offered by our online pharmacy is based on the refund policy given below:

  • If you receive a different product from the one you ordered,com will immediately re-ship the correct drug at no extra cost. If this is not an option, we will then refund the full amount that was spent on purchasing the product.
  • A reshipment or full refund is given when there is any damage to the package as a result of our own misfortune.
  • com ensures that all customers receive their package within the shortest time possible as stipulated in our shipping policy. If the package delays and fails to reach a customer, then our online store will re-ship the medication without imposing any additional fee. When this is not an option, we will refund the money based on the shipment option that a customer chose.
  • Customers are only allowed the chance of cancelling the order within 24 hours after making the same order.
  • Any refund made to a customer is done using the bank account that was initially submitted by our client.
  • Once a refund is made, a customer will have to wait 10-15 business days before it can appear in their credit card bank account.
  • Any customer using the Express Shipment option can easily trace the movement of their package. If there is a problem on our side and the parcel fails to arrive within the agreed time frame then we take the responsibility of reshipping the parcel without charging any cost. For customers that have a com order number, our online pharmacy will refund the full amount using the agreed payment method.