Men may sometimes feel an uncomfortable itch in their genitals especially when they are moving around. This can be very embarrassing once another person notices what you are doing whether in public or private. There are several infections that can cause itching in the scrotum of a man. However, the most common of this itching is a men’s health complication known as Scrotal Eczema.

Scrotal Eczema is a health complication that affects the scrotum, a bag of skin that contains the testicles in men. Men who have Scrotal Eczema will always be secretive to their family members, friends and even sexual partners. This is mainly because Scrotal Eczema makes the Scrotum itchy and dry hence making patients uncomfortable. Some patients will even go to the extent of avoiding sexual activity for fear of hurting their scrotum or letting their sexual partner down. However, men should not worry about Scrotal Eczema since it is a complication that can be easily treated by a doctor.

Scrotal Eczema is a non-contagious skin infection hence you cannot pass it to another person. Unfortunately, there are numerous causes that can lead to the development of Scrotal Eczema. These may include:

  • Lack of nutrients like Zinc and Riboflavin
  • Regular exposure to humidity and heat
  • Reaction that comes from taking over-the counter medications

Most men who have Scrotal Eczema may mistake it for any other skin infection like yeast. It is for this reason that men should seek urgent medical attention whenever they detect any new change in their body parts. Scrotal Eczema does not display many symptoms unless it is very severe. During the early stages, Scrotal Eczema will make the scrotum itchy, dry and red. If the condition is severe, patients will have to make do with weeping of sores and bleeding in the affected areas.

It is not easy to know whether you have Scrotal Eczema until you decide to pay your doctor a visit. This is mainly because Scrotal Eczema may display the symptoms of a different skin infection. Your doctor will then offer the correct treatment method after determining the real reason behind itching. If it is Scrotal Eczema, then your doctor will recommend taking Antihistamines, Steroid Creams and Moisturizers. These medications have been in use for quite some time hence they will easily solve the complication in a couple of days. If you have severe Scrotal Eczema, your doctor will advice using Ultraviolet (UV) Rays Therapy to contain the situation.

It is not really necessary that you take medications in order to treat Scrotal Eczema. Your doctor may also advice using natural methods that can help in treating Scrotal Eczema. These methods may include putting on loose clothes or having counseling that will reduce your stress levels. You can also stop taking any over-the-counter drug if it is the real reason behind Scrotal Eczema. Remember, you can only benefit from these treatment methods if you decide to follow your doctor’s prescription. Failure to this, you will continue carrying the burden of Scrotal Eczema for quite some time.