Men sometimes suffer from health problems that are unheard of unless you carry out a thorough research. Most of these complications can be present in a man’s body without their knowledge. However, it will not take long before one notices that they have a certain health condition. This is so because it will start showing symptoms that will force a patient to seek for medical attention. One of these health complications that affect men is Varicoceles. Most men do not know about Varicoceles as it rarely occurs.

Varicoceles is simply a condition that occurs when veins that carry blood from the testicles to the heart dilate. This makes a patient to have a swollen and enlarged scrotum that tends to be very irritating. Varicoceles is similar to varicose veins, a health complication that affects the legs. Varicoceles will mostly affect the left scrotum and a patient can see it when standing up. The real reason as to why men may suffer from Varicoceles is not known. However, doctors link this health condition with the flow of blood in a man’s spermatic cord. Spermatic cord is the vein that is responsible for carrying blood in and out of the testicles.

Most patients with Varicoceles will not experience any symptom since it is usually painless. If the Varicoceles is severe, patients will start experiencing a sharp pain in their testicles. The pain will also become intense once a patient stands up hence it forces you to sit down during the entire day. Varicoceles can cause health complications if a patient does not treat it early enough. These complications may include:

  • Low Testosterone Levels

The testicles are responsible for producing Testosterone, a hormone that plays an important role when it comes to developing male organs. When the testicles have Varicoceles, they tend to reduce the production of Testosterone. This will in turn lead to low libido and Erectile Dysfunction problems.

  • Infertility

Varicoceles will also end up causing infertility in men if the patient does not handle it early enough. Infertility can be very stressing especially if you want to get a child with your partner. Most infertile men will end up losing their partners who will look for better relationships.

  • Testicular Atrophy

Varicoceles can be very severe to the extent that it makes a patient’s testicles to shrink beyond the normal size. Most patients who have this complication tend to avoid relationships for fear of letting their partner down.

The good news is that you can easily treat Varicoceles using an open surgery or Laparoscopic surgery. This treatment method is only advisable if the Varicoceles is painful. If it is not, then there is no need to seek for treatment, as it will not cause any complication.

Men who are suffering from Varicoceles will need the support of family members and friends if they are to survive this condition. Failure to this, they may end up feeling inferior and most will avoid getting into a relationship.